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Ghost Stories: Top 8 Most Ghost Affected Places In The World

ghost story 1

I really Don’t know anyone who never heard a ghost story, and believed in at least once at entire lifetime in ghosts. People love, hate and argue about them or those, and if you ask me, I’ll simply reply with “ask your heart, you were never afraid of something what wasn’t there? ” That is the fact, as a human, you are the best creature of this planet. Your brain is the most advanced part of you, and that can feel what you can’t see. You never felt like someone looking at you, turned around and discover nothing was there? Trust me,

Do You Believe in Aliens ? Check those 5 Alien Hijack Cases

Aliens are real ?

For some people, Aliens are myth. I mean All stories of aliens are fake, and some believe they are real. But You will be amazed to know, there’s a lot of proves what shows us aliens are real, they are out somewhere, watching us. They came to visit us, gave special powers to humanism, and sometimes they are just villains. Hijack humans. taste them, use them as guinea pigs in lab. Many Peoples told the world about facing aliens, remembering their faces, and we already saw a lot’s of UFO’s in planet earth, don’t we ? We have a galaxy

Fajlami Update 2016: More secure, More Faster and User Friendly


Hello world, I know It’s been a great time browsing’s cool features, But our point of view is a bit different. Nothing is done, and updating, upgrading keeps a thing cool. And We really don’t want to be famous or something, we always tried to be Cool. So, What we are doing this year ? Actually We have a lots of plans right now, and it’s just the beginning. But like each year, the first month of every year keeps us busy, while we do major improvements here. Fajlami is More Secure Right now: We are moving over a

10 Cool Android Games Under 10 mb You Should Play


Top 10 Android Games Under 10 Mb but Good Quality There’s a story behind this post. An hour ago me and my moderator Fahim was just hanging out online. He showed me his first designed website, he created back in 2008. I was shocked because How can a good designer designed such a webpage that sucks 😀 . By the way we found a pc game in only 99kb in his website ! and the game was good. I got My idea, and reason to post about top android games under 10 which will be good in quality and small

Top 10 Best Quality Photo Editing Software for Your Android

Photo-Editor-Pro- Photo Editing App

Photo Editing Made Life Fun, Made Me SRK & The Girl From Next Door Become Angelina Jolie. But To be Cool, You Need The Right Photo Editing Application. There’s a Lots of Junk Out there, and above them, The Fajlami Team tested and listed here The Best Photo Editing Application For Your Android Device. For a bit more, we separated them in two categories. Normal and High Quality. While Normal Photo Editing Apps can help you to edit basic rules, High Quality apps can do professional tasks with your cute selfie. Lets Have a Look. Top Normal Photo Editing Apps #1 Picsay PicSay

Top 10 Most popular films in 2015

Youth_2015_Movie Poster

Most Popular and high rated movie list of 2015 exclusively by Fajlami Guest Blogger Watch down all movie,s of 2015 and create a list of them was not an easy task for us. Last week we took a decision and made it work. We stayed in the Fajlami HQ for around 4 days and watched and the list I’m going to share is the output of that. Unlike others, we did not followed any list or check IMDB status of any movies, the movies in this list is hand created and may be epic one . Let us share Top

Most Popular Peoples of USA in 2015 on The Internet


We have written about most flop movies of 2015 or Best android Games of 2015, but what about The most popular human ? Each year, Google share most searched keywords in Google trends  and we have collected the most searched people’s list from there. In this post, I will write about most popular peoples of USA in 2015. Most Searched Humans of USA 1. Lamar Odom  Lamar Odom is an American former professional basketball player. As a member of the Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association, he won NBA championships in 2009 and 2010 and was named the NBA Sixth Man

Top 5 Most Dangerous Sports You Might Fall in Love with !

Kite Surfing

Sports literally can be a great way for the exercise for both body and mind. Not only that sports are also an incredible source of mere entertainment. Some people may pursue sports for their recreational purposes, while many take it to the professional level. Most of the physical sports have involved some risks. Players playing this sports always have the chance to get injured. In the world of sports there are some sports that are extremely perilous. To some extent these sports are considered to be lethal indeed. Today Sporty Ghost will bring to you top 10 most dangerous sports

Top 5 Most Youngest Parents In The World ! ! !

Alleshia Gregson

The world has been rapidly changing and many unusual and unexpected occurrences keep happening. With the rapid development in the world, there is an early age maturity in kids too. Here are such kids who became parents when they were kids itself. It may shock you when you’ll know the age of these kids when they gave births to their kids, so here is the list of youngest parents in the world. #1 Lina Medina When your kid may have begun with the school, Lina medina became the Mother in that age. Lina was just five & half years old

6 Deaths while Peoples Were Just Taking Selfie’s !

Death On Track

People Dies By Heart Attack, People dies by Road accidents. Also By Electric shock, and Fire. But It was really shocking for me, when I heard about those who died just because Selfie’s ! I’ve done a complete research about the issue and found 6 selfie’s around the internet. They died just to share some great moments and today we have those unbelievable Photos. #1 Drowning And Groaning An incident which took 7 lives shocked everyone. A group of ten youth was out for a picnic on a lake near Nagpur where 7 of them were posing for a selfie in the

iPhone Game: Top 5 Best and Free IOS Games of 2016

Afterpulse iPhone Game

iPhone Game is not much popular now day’s while everyone is playing on android. To avoid those awkward moments when you need to kill boredom for some time now has been a good companion to a mobile game. According to the latest smartphones, thanks to the extensive hardware upgrades, mobile gaming has reached a new level. Mobile gaming experience comparable to PC gaming! Even better, if you’re an iPhone user, you are just a few BUCKS or even less in the Apple App Store to get all of this. Or even free. In fact, many of the games out there

Should We Let Metro Rail be Passing Through Dhaka University?

Metro Rail be Passing Through Dhaka University

The University of Dhaka, once known as “Oxford of the East”, has become a topic of discussion because of MRT-6 which is supposed to go straight through its campus. MRT-6, an abbreviation of Mass Rapid Transit, is a strategic transport plan to solve traffic congestion throughout Dhaka by the Bangladesh Government. However, the controversy of MRT-6 for the betterment of our lives doing worse than doing better is still debatable. As such, students of DU have initiated a protest named ‘No Metro on DU’ in order to maintain DU’s healthy education quality. Many protesters have clarified that it is not

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