January 3, 2016

22 Priceless Lessons 2015 Taught Me – Sababa Tania Shiney

2015 has been quite a journey! Learnt a lot, started a new venture, found the perfect balance in life and freed myself from many negative energies I was carrying with me.

Many of the things that once topped my priority list have gone down to the drain in 2015.
As I turned 22 very recently, I wanted to offer up the 22 lessons that 2015 taught me. Here’s the list:


1. Winning hearts is more important than wearing the crown.

2. The feeling of loving someone deeply is greater than the feeling of being loved crazily.

3. You never know what impact you are leaving on others. You are remembered even for the smallest acts of kindness and compassion.

4. Staying with the crowd who has your back is wiser than staying with the cool kids in the school

5. Be dedicated and punctual the rest will follow.

6. Smiling at strangers is one of the biggest acts of kindness.

7. Sometimes it is just youth that breaks people up.

8. Have an idea? EXECUTE.

9. Absorb as much as you can and listen more than you talk. No one has ever regretted speaking less and listening more. Rather than saying wrong things and regretting it later.

10. Never was Ralph Waldo Emerson more right than when he said, “The only way to have a friend is to be one.”

11.“You are a strong lady” is a way better compliment than “You are a pretty lady”.

12. Trust people: There are a lot of reasons to doubt people’s intention. But if you keep on doubting everyone you’ll get stuck. If you start questioning everyone’s motive then you will not be able to make a great team. Wait to see how things unfold other than predicting other’s behavior.

13. Never say yes or no while in a meeting. Take time, talk to people, decide and then come back!

14. After taking a decision take at least 6 hours before letting the other persons involved know. Because you might just change your decision and being impulsive hardly pays off.

15. Love and kindness should never be the things you regret.

16. There is no fundamental difference between some of the kids living on the pavement in Dhaka and the kids in our houses. But ours won the lottery. So, keep on looking for ways to give back.

17. “There can be a middle ground between ‘giving support’ and ‘casting judgment.’ You can always just listen.” (Brandon Stanton: HONY)

18. Everything is a chance encounter. Fame, fortune, money, despair….. everything!

19. Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute.

20.Read as much as you can! life is best filled by learning as much as you can about as much as you can.

21. There is someone, somewhere that is able and willing to help you / listen to you/ talk with you. Life can be so overwhelming in so many ways, but reaching out for help is necessary for all.

22. Lastly, no matter how long the night seems, dawn breaks.

Wishing a fulfilling 2016 to everyone. Happy New Year!