November 8, 2015

5 ways your boss is killing you

All that demotivation might be sprouting from one or more of these reasons

You have finally landed your dream job that anyone and everyone would kill for. The colleagues and the workplace are fantastic but something about your boss, that you can’t quite put your finger on, has been bothering you. One or more of these phenomenons may drive you nuts if not dealt with on time.


When your boss is not a good leader

He may have all the degrees in the world, but doesn’t make him a good leader if he’s indecisive, doesn’t appreciate you enough, practices nepotism or picks favourites. He may even go as far as taking credit for something you have achieved and is quick to find someone (and on many occasions that someone is you) to blame when things hit south. Experiencing any of these could seriously make you feel let down and lose focus of your corporate objectives.

When the two of you have contradicting ethical values

If you like transparency but your boss takes the opposite route around, you may have some serious trouble dealing with these differences. No need to frustrate yourself by sticking around. Find someone better to work for.

When there’s no room for improvements

The pay might be great as well as your other colleagues, but if your boss isn’t knowledgeable enough and there’s nothing you can learn from him, this could be a major downer.

When he doesn’t know where to draw boundaries

A boss is someone the employees look up to; someone who is well-balanced in terms of making gestures and keeping things professional. It could be considered seriously unprofessional if your boss is making inappropriate jokes or going overboard with those compliments about your long legs. No one likes a grumpy cat for sure, but an over-friendly boss who passes inappropriate comments is equally unbecoming.

When he has anger management issues

Your heart skips a beat every time your boss is around, not because they’re sweeping you off your feet with their suave and smooth moves (which btw, would be immensely inappropriate even if they did and you should in no way condone it), but because they lose their temper every two minutes and throw things at you. They may even set unrealistic deadlines for you to meet to put you under a lot of pressure just because s/he can. Abuse of authority and bullying employees are not news anymore, are they?