February 11, 2016

7 Different and Coolest Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just approaching and you still have no idea what to buy for your lover?

Scroll down to see a list of strangest, funniest, weirdest and most unusual valentine’s gifts you can actually buy.

1. Boyfriend Pillow
boy-pillow-minThe Boyfriend Pillow makes an excellent funny gift. Finally, a gag gift that can actually be used! Spoil yourself, or a friend, with the soothing soft arm and cozy upper body of this unique pillow design. Not just for sleeping! This pillow provides a wonderful way to cuddle up for a movie marathon, during long car rides, or with a good book. The pillow is available everywhere on almost all sites.







2. Undies for Two


Get intimate with your partner like never before with the underwear designed for two people. It works perfectly for ensuring sexytime for the man, and snuggles afterwards for the woman. Half the fun is getting into them and the other half  up to you it seems a great valentine gift… Available with almost all sites..







3. Couple Pillowcases

CouplesPillowcases-minThis time, indulge them in something non-perishable … a sweet gesture that stays sweet for years to come! Here, you’re immersed in a world for lovers, where romantic gifts for couples come in pairs. Two by two, these couple pillowcases are the cat’s meow for sending your love anytime.






4. Edible Candy Bra & Panty

candybrapantyThe Edible Candy Bra is made of approximately 330 fruit-flavored candy pieces, and has just 60 calories so don’t worry about it affecting the diet. A great romantic gift and quite the Valentine’s Night Delight. It comes in one size for all, sexy chewable candies.





5. Ring Cup

cupIt’s a great gift for your loved ones. When using the mug, slip a finger through the handle to appear to wear a large ring.The mug with its packaging make a functional and humorous gift. 






6. Personalised face chocolate candy

weird-valentines-dayOne restaurant in Tokyo Japan is offering a workshop class that will make a few lucky people’s chocolate mini-me dreams a reality. Utilizing cutting edge 3D scanning technology, participants will take their mugshots, then print out molds (also in 3D!) all for the ultimate goal of creating likenesses “to be nestled as a ‘surprise’ in a box of Valentine’s chocolates.” Surprise!


7. The Two Person T-Shirt

0443646FSo it’s time you got a bit more intimate… No? Well I still think this is a great idea if you like the skin to skin feel you get from your missus (or man, for that matter!)  I will order my stuff soon…