So, lets have an “About us page” after two years. You know what, I still don’t think we are already big enough to share anything about us, but this is kinds of a rule to have one.

What is ?

The answer is simple, is a Multimedia Website where you can

  1. Read Articles about Tech, media, social, humor facts. No actual Categories , we share what we think should be shared and what would be useful for our visitors. Sometimes we share Important facts, and sometime it’s just a humor post.


  1. Download Copyright Free Videos, Music. Like in the video section, we collect videos from YouTube and convert them in various formats to help users who can’t see live. ( #  Is it safe to download those Videos in my Device ? Ans: Yeah, They are Direct from Google, and if google is not safe, then please do not try to kill me, I’m already dead by now )


  1. Download Mobile Contents Like Apps, Games, Wallpapers, Ringtones. ( # Is it safe to download those in my Mobile Device ? Ans: Again Yeah, we taste them, we use them, we like them, and we only share what we like. )


  1. Ask anything to be shared through our Contact page. If Possible , we will share that. Anything means Data (articles) music, videos etc. But Remember, we will never share anything that is illegal. Trust me, I Don’t want to go to Jail or Leave my family for sake of “Sharing is Caring”.


And Right now, you can not do anything else on our website, we had a Live Chat section, But that was closed in earlier 2014.


Why is Unique ?

User Friendly

We use our own site more than we develop it. So the first thing was becoming “User Friendly” . What best a user can get from our website was the first thought of us. So we kept what is necessary and removed everything else. This simple step helps us to be clean and cool. The Navigation between pages are simple, easy to find what you need, simple and easy steps to Downloading Files, and the biggest thing is most part of this site is Ad free.

Most Fastest Website from south Asia

Are You shocked ? Am I mad ? Sorry to say, no I am not. As I said Before, we only keep what is needed. So, as Googles page speed insights still can show you, Most Part of Our Website is Faster than any other website developed in Asia. Haven’t you Marked The Boom Effect ?

Okay, Go To your Address bar, Type and Press Enter. _____ You See That ?

Safe Website To Read Articles

Safe place to read Article means ? We mean, we share only tasted things, like if we are writing about “Most Popular Movies” than you can trust us in that. We Read every article on first three pages of google search results, we collected info, we talked to experts on that topic and then we shared it. You Got My Point ?

Safe Place To Download Things

As I wrote before, It is safe to Download contents like Videos, PDF books, Music From Our Site. We check everything before upload. Let me share a bit,

One of Our Blogger came, and told us about a book he have in PDF format. We all read it, and finally, if that is good, then I can say, “Okay, Upload It”.

But You are still advised to use any paid Anty-virus software in your device to stay safe. Because You do not use or browse only, Do you ?

All Device Friendly

Have you tried with all your Devices ? If Not, do it next time. You can enjoy each and all services of us in any device. No matter it’s your Pc, Iphone, Laptop, Android or Older Java or symbian Handsets.



Is Your Data and Privacy Safe with us ?


We Do not collect any information about you. No email, no name, even we disabled our “Subscribe” option to keep your privacy untouched. You can not comment, you can not register, you can not put your data around here. I know sounds a bit funny, but we don’t want your privacy to be shared.

We use “Google Analytics”  to get a info about overall traffic, bounce rate etc. They Might track something of you but personally i trust google.

Your email is only required if you contact us to reply you.


You can hide your everything including IP address, location by using any VPN or TOR browser. We will never block your access to use our services.


Can You Work with Us ?

yes you can, but you must be



Hard working

As we are a Team of Experienced Internet workers, to Join us, you have to pass some creative tests, and the fact is no one (including me, The CEO) can post or upload anything he/she want. Everything will be tasted by experts.

Who we Are ?

We are a Team of Internet workers from various places around the world. For The sake of Privacy, right now no one wants to share a photo or cool info about them. And I think it is not important to know who you are, it is important that what you done for this planet.