June 30, 2016

Cancer Er Nishikabyo – Chaite Paro 3 – You have to bujhte hobe!

Aurthohin is back ! with there latest album Cancer Er Nishikabyo, Band leader and lead vocal Bassbaba Sumon shared in a facebook post two days ago while I’m sharing the bangla song with the world.

First of all, I’m not a hardcore fan of Sumon bhai or Aurthohin (Band) itself. But I really loved the Chaite Paro Part. Chaite paro 1 and 2 was the song of revenge for me.

Cancer Er Nishikabyo album cover

Cancer Er Nishikabyo album cover

Okay Aurthohin Fans, I know sharing is caring, and also the Copy Right part of Bangla music industry. I personally advice to buy the original CD when released, but when Sumon bhai shared the Music link in his official facebook page, I think he won’t mind if I share his work with the whole world is Fajlami.com. And another fact is, he only shared a way to listen to that song via some robi android app. What about others who don’t own an android smartphone ? What about non-robi users ? What about listeners from outside Bangladesh ?

So someone like me had to share this with the world. That is my point of view, and Me and my readers are going to love this :) .


Chaite Paro 3 – You have to Bujhte Hobe.

aurthohin band new look, Mark on Left, Sumon in center and new face shishir on the right.

aurthohin band new look

Okay, chaite Paro 1 was awesome. Chaite Paro 2 Was a bit hardcore, speedy. But Chaite Paro 3 is a bit melodic. It didn’t sounds like another rocking fusion by Aurthohin, kinda trolling like Amjonota. Lyric is good, but I still won’t say this is what I expected as Chaite Paro 3.

Filename: Chaite Paro 3 – You Have To Bujhte Hobe.

File size: 4.58 MB

Song Duration: 5 min

Quality: HD MP3

Chaite Paro 3 Download / Listen Link


I have another Track with me right now. The Albums title track Cancer Er Nishikabyo. 

I’m sharing that, but didn’t listen that song yet, so can’t tell anything about that.

Cancer Er Nishikabyo – Mp3 Download / Listen Link


Editor’s comment: Nope, ( Legend Giri etoi shosta Na Sumon Bhai :D you have to Bujhte Hobe Too, Loved the song :D )