May 17, 2015

Dazzling Hot Nipun Akter

Nipun Said “I left the country after completion of intermediate in 1999. I stayed in Moscow up to 2004 for higher studies. In the meantime, I got married and went to the United States for a living. I had a job in a pharmacy there. Life was good enough. I came back to Bangladesh in 2006 for a short visit. I got offers for acting in the film at that time suddenly. There is no one in my family who ever performed in films. So I came to act here out of curiosity. But the interesting fact is that the very first movie in which I acted has yet to be released! My first released movie is ‘Pitar ashon’.”
After being successful in Dhaka film industry, Film Actress Nipun has also acted in Bangla film of Kolkata. Soon she will be seen in the Tollywood film for the first time. Star Bangladeshi actor Ferdous and famous west Bengal star of the time Proshenjit has acted with her in the movie named ‘Porichoy’.
Bangladeshi Film Actress Nipun said in this regard, “Actor Ferdous played a major role to take my opportunity to act in the movie. It is he who discussed with the director Rupali Chatterjee and producer Shomu Gawal for giving me an opportunity. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest chances of my life.” “I was afraid hearing that I have to work with Bumbada. But when he came to me and introduced himself, I felt relieved.”In recent times, Nipun performed in some of the commercially successful movies. Sourch: Wikipedia