July 26, 2015

5 Dirty Bollywood Movies You Should Not Watch With Your Family

Bollywood is the name of Indian film industry as USA based film industry called Hollywood. Some Bollywood based movies are really good. I can write about Rang De basanti, or recent Bajrangi Bhaijan type movies, they are more than good, but most bollywood movies are commercial. They can show and do anything for business, and for that reason, Bollywood has a huge collection of dirty movies which you can’t watch with your family members.

Even some movies made you confuse, is that a movie or porn? Today we the Fajlami team going to share top 5 Dirty Bollywood movies you should not and not advised to watch in front of or with your family members. Not with Elders and must not with your parents.

Why would we share such some dirty movie list?

Yeah, it looks like we are promoting them, but think of a holiday, you and your family members planned to spend time by watching some bollywood movies and you really don’t know which ones are really bad. Then suddenly a dirty scene came up on the screen, Yeah don’t mind, I know the feelings and impression of yours. So let’s share.

1. Murder (2004)

Murder Bollywood movies

Murder Bollywood movies poster

Living in Bangkok with her husband Sudhir and the child from his first marriage to her sister, Simran feels isolated in a foreign land and ignored by her husband. A chance meeting with an old flame leads to a renewed and passionate affair until she starts to realise how badly she could be damaging her marriage. Sudhir has indeed become suspicious and hired a private detective who gives him compelling evidence of his wife’s deceit. Sudhir sets out to confront his rival.

It was one of the Hot cakes By Imran Hasmi, and you even can’t imagine how much dirty this is.

2. Aashiq Banaya Aapne (2005)

Asiq Banaya apne Bollywood movies poster

Asiq Banaya apne Bollywood movies poster


Karan Oberoi comes from a very wealthy family and attends college. He is in love with fellow collegian, Sneha, but has never disclosed his feelings to her. When the Oberois organize a party, Karan invites Sneha and introduces her to his friend, Vikram “Vicky” Mathur. Sneha and Vicky are attracted to each other, much to Karan’s disapproval, and they begin to spend a lot of time together. When Vicky proposes to Sneha, she accepts, and it is then she finds out that Vicky is merely a flirt, who never had any intention of keeping his word; he has an on-going affair with a number of women, including the gorgeous Chandni. When Vicky finds out that Sneha has changed her mind, he wants to talk to her, but she refuses, and it is then she starts to receive numerous phone calls, her window pane is smashed, and with her dad abroad all the time, she has no one to turn to, save for Karan. Karan, quite chivalrously assists her and helps her to overcome her fears, musters up the courage to propose to her, and is delighted when she accepts. It is on the day of their engagement that Vicky unexpectedly shows up – watch what happens when skeletons are revealed from closets that had remained shut all these years.

3. Hate Story (2012)

hate story  Bollywood movies poster

hate story Bollywood movies poster

Kavya Krishna (Paoli Dam) and her best friend, Vicky, pull an anti-operation against one of the biggest business tycoons, which happens to be Siddharth Dhanrajgir’s company. They take pictures of a few black-business deals and write an article that gets published. Siddharth, being a rich and cocky tycoon, wants revenge, so he calls Kavya up for coffee. He offers her a job in his company with a three hundred percentage raise in income, and Kavya accepts his offer immediately. They go on a business trip together, and Kavya helps Siddharth get his company a good deal. That night, Siddharth takes Kavya to dinner, where they both connect romantically and end up having sex. Upon returning, Kavya meets Vicky and gives him the gifts she got for him and says ‘I love my job’. An upset Vicky is silent and sad, but does not show his feelings.

The next day, Kavya goes to work and finds out that her entry pass to the office has been cancelled. She goes to talk to Siddharth, who arrogantly talks about his plan and pulls a gun out, tortures her, and says that he never had any feelings for her; he just wanted revenge for the sting operation she pulled. He tells her that he punishes people who mess with him, and tells her to get out of his office. Heartbroken, Kavya leaves and applies for another job, with Vicky’s support. While Vicky is dropping her, she runs out of the car and vomits. He takes her to the doctor, only to find out that she is now pregnant.

4. The Dirty Picture (2011)

The Dirty Picture Bollywood movies poster

The Dirty Picture Bollywood movies poster

The Dirty Picture is a 2011 Indian biographical drama film inspired by the life of Silk Smitha, a South Indian actress noted for her erotic roles. The filmmakers have clarified that the story is not officially or literally based on Smitha alone, but on many of her Southern contemporaries such as Nylon Nalini and Disco Shanti. It also resembles the personal lives of other women in popular culture, including Hollywood actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe. The film was directed by Milan Luthria and co-produced by Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor, after Ekta came up with the idea and asked screenwriter Rajat Aroraa to pen a story based on it.

Produced on a budget of 180 million (US$2.8 million) The Dirty Picture was released worldwide on 2 December 2011 (the anniversary of Smitha’s birth), in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions. Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah, Tusshar Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi played lead roles in the film. Upon release the film was both a critical and commercial success, with Balan receiving the highest accolades for her performance; she was called “the hero of the film”.In addition, the film has received widespread praise for portraying women as powerful, contributing something unique to a typically male-dominated society. The film’s music was composed by Vishal Shekhar with lyrics written by Rajat Aroraa.



5. Nasha (2013)

Nasha Bollywood movies poster

Nasha Bollywood movies poster

The story is set in Panchgani, a hill station. Saahil and his gang of friends are a bunch of teenagers in school who have their share of fun and pranks. Saahil has a girlfriend called Tia. During the summer break, he and his friends are introduced to Anita, the new dramatics teacher. She decides to make them do a play. All the boys in the group fall for her beauty and persona. But its Saahil who gets the most intrigued by her. Slowly, he realises he cannot think of anything but her. As rehearsals of the play go on, he innocently starts to fantasize about being with her.

One day while rehearsing for the play, Anita’s boyfriend Samuel turns up at home and surprises her. Anita and Sam are a happy couple which makes Saahil envious and unhappy. Later one night, while returning from a movie, seeing Sam and Anita cuddle in the car makes him uncomfortable and he tells Sam to stop the car and walks back home. Sam seeing Saahil’s emotions tells Anita that Saahil loves her which Anita laughs over it. Over the next few days, Sam to prove his point starts teasing Saahil which makes Saahil angry and one day while having a race, Sam purposefully pushes Saahil who gets hurt. Anita scolds Sam for behaving like a child. Saahil’s friends now realising that Saahil has some feelings for Anita starts teasing him by passing comments about Anita and Sam. Saahil gets offended when he hears them say that Sam and Anita making love every night, and gets into a physical brawl with his friend. Angry and suspicious, he goes to Anita’s home in the night and enters the house through the window. He’s shocked to see Anita and Sam make love. Heart broken, he is about to leave when he accidentally pushes a table which makes a noise. Anita comes out to check and is shocked seeing Saahil while Saahil sees Anita nude. The next day morning, Saahil comes to Anita’s house for the rehearsal. Anita, extremely angry with him for what he did last night, scolds him and tells him to get out of the play. Because of this incident, Tia also has a very emotional break up with Saahil.