November 23, 2015

Genghis Khan Bangla PDF by Vasily Yan

Genghis Khan Bangla PDF 
Author: Vasily Yan 
Translator: Arun Some 
Format: PDF ( Portable document format) 
Total page : 461 
PDF Size: 23.46 MB 
Required Device:Any kind of PDF reader supported
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Little bit knowledge about Vasily Yan

Once Author vasily yan wrote in his diary,

  ” I love three noises – noise on sea, the noise of the school and the noise of the press. I feel much better happiness in it.”

With the explain of this line we can explore his life. He was a school teacher and he loved traveling and he was a writer and publisher.
He was Born in 4th January 1875 in Kiev in Ukraine. And died on 5th August 1954.

He  said,

the nation who rises up there head against any kind of looters gangs attack, Intention to make people slave and The beginner of the destruction rampage, I want to tell them Heroism in my books. Only magnificent Creative labor and freedom lover all nations peaceful co-operation is key to human happiness.”

Few Word you have to know about this book

Vasily Yan’s book ” Genghis Khan ” First published in 1939 .In 1942 Yan got ” the USSR State Prize” for this book .In 1978 famous Bengali translator Arun Some translated  “Genghis Khan” book in Bengali . This book was also translated in many languages all over the world .

Story behind the book : Genghis Khan

vasily yan said,

” Why I am choose Gengis-Khan ? because , I saw him in a dream. In a dream I saw him sitting at the front door of his camper.He invites sit beside him. we were talking. suddenly he proposed me to brawl against him.Then I said to him, ” you are too much stronger than me how can I brawl against you? ” He said ” Let’s see….. ” Then we started brawling and I could not prevent him. And I awake and feel him alive. After awake from dream I started to fight against him .

Some word about Genghis-Khan

Genghis Khan was a famous fighter in world history .His born name was Temejun . He was the founder of mongol empire . Once he ruled over half of world .He was born in 1162 in north part of Mongolia .He had three brother’s and one sister .He died in 12 august 1227 in age of sixty five.

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan loved fighting and to win a Empire .He was the grandfather of famous Indian Emperor Babar .

Storyline of the book: Genghis Khan

I think you already knew what is the storyline of this book. Here you will get a very long description of all wars and victory of Genghis Khan. You also can know about his life story, his family life , his Empire and how was he .

My comment

I have no idea how can I explain my feelings after read this book . If you love to know about history you must have to read this book . I can say It just simply awesome .

My rating 8/10 .