May 7, 2016

How to Impress a Girl with some changes inside you?

This might be the hardest question someone ever asked me. Impressing a Girl had always been a night eating thought inside a male brain. And As Fajlami did, we will provide some really useful information about the issue instead of those “Bloody Time wasting so called Bangla Online News Paper sites”. Let’s began

Honestly there’s no fixed rule, each and every woman you knew is different, right? So their choice is also different, and it’s like one girl like a man with long hair, while others hate it. So we will avoid those parts and discuss about some common facts every girls love. And as a good man, what you need to get attention, not only from girls, also from everyone around you.

romantic couple from bangladesh

romantic couple from bangladesh

And this post is not only about impress a girl, this post is about how to impress everyone. unlike how to be a cool dude in Dhaka I’ll write down some points and you should read with full focus, and get them inside your brain, okay?


  1. Clean clothing: Yes I mean it, some people around me be like “Okay I’m wearing this pant for almost one month, and this t shirt for one week. I’m a vagabond & I’m cool”.
    Shoron rahman, Fajlami Model for clothing

    Shoron rahman, Fajlami Model for clothing

    But sorry dude, you are wrong. Do you have any idea how you smell? Not only girls, but every human (without some mental patients out there) hate dirty things. A girl even love her pet dog (which is clean) more than the handsome but dirty man. So, point number one, go get some new cloths or at least buy some washing powder & use it. A clean but old get up is better than a new but dirty one.

  2. Go brush up your teeth and get a bath: This is not common, but when did you last checked your teeth if those are clean? Or your nails? Come on man, this is you, those are parts of you & they deserve more attention rather than you Clash of Clans Townhall. A Daily bath will also help you to have a fresh mind. Answer me, how much time it takes to get a shower? Not more than 30 minutes, so please do yourself a favor and get a bath on a daily basis.
  3. Hairstyle: Don’t follow anyone, don’t follow the superstar. This is you and only you know what suits you better than anyone. I will suggest my way, you have a friend who’s a girl? Call her and take her to the men’s Parlour . I think she can suggest you better than me. Girls are born creative and most of them are artistic.

Okay those were about looks, now let’s talk about your attitude.

niloy and nabila

niloy and nabila, a happy couple from Bangladesh

  1. Be Nice to others: Not only with her, but also be nice to everyone you know. Nobody likes a rude of moody guy. It’s your behavior what makes you better than others. So Please, Be nice. Everyone have some errors, sometimes everyone do some mistakes. You don’t have to tolerate those, just let her know she did it wrong in a nice way. You two are eating in a restaurant, be nice to waiters, even be nice to the rickshaw puller. This will make a big difference about how she’s thinking about you. You should also read “how to control your anger
  2. Be responsive: It’s always a good habit to be there in time. It will impress her, at least this man has a sense of time. It’ll also save your job. You have a phone and there’re some applications called “alarm clock” or “reminder” there. Please use it. You promised about something, than fulfill it in time. A responsible man is always someone believed by others.
  3. Be caring: You love/like her? Then she deserves some extra attention dude. Take care of her, even take care about her small feelings. Try to remember every special dates you can, or write them down. A large number of couple breaks up just because their partner isn’t caring.
  4. Talk to her: Not much! But if you have a problem, share with her. If she’s a good one, she’ll understand.
  5. Be sensitive: Be sensitive about everything she got. Like Dress, feelings, time everything.
  6. Be open minded: If she’s doing something wrong, let her know. Ask her in a nice way, but don’t try to be her everything. If you can have friends, why can’t she?
  7. Be Confident: Read How to Increase Self Confidence.

Upps ! I’ve written a hell lot of points! Okay those are all for right now, I’ll share more in my next post. Till then follow those steps, and you’ll be amazed to see the changes inside you. Sharing this post with “everyone”, even with “her or him” will put a smile in my face. Stay awesome & do some Fajlami People.