July 22, 2015

Increase Internet Speed , Browse The Web Faster

Slow internet is the most common word i heard from my friends , co-workers and also from my dad and GF too. Although the IT sector is developing day by day rapidly, the speed of internet connection is not upgrading in many countries especially in poor and developing country like Bangladesh etc. We spend huge useless time for slow internet connection; I mean it wastes our valuable time a lot. We can’t do our jobs properly due to slow connection. So, here are some tips and techniques that make you expert for speeding up a slow internet connection for free.

Cookies and cache

Cookies and cache allow your browser to store or track your browsing history and personal data. Although allowing cookies and caching is harmful a little but it might help you to browse used pages faster. You can allow this option
  • In Chrome, go Tools> Settings> Advanced Settings> Privacy> Content Settings
  • In Firefox go Tools> Options > Privacy


Try different browser

Guys, change your browser right now if you are using Internet Explorer (IE) web browser or other low quality full internet browser because this kind of browser does slow performance with javascript loaded web pages. So I suggest you to use Firefox web browser which allow to block elements such as Flash, Ads, JavaScript. You can use Adblock Plus add on so that it eliminates ads and boost your internet speed.
Google is another gentle and faster browser than any other internet browser while it’s new. However it also pretty good for those sites which contain huge number of Flash and JavaScript.

Clear useless add-ons, extensions and plugins

We use add-ons or plugins with our browser for making our internet works easy. But do you know? This kind of extensions is also responsible to let your browser slow. Most of us know that we are using only 2/3 add-ons with our browser but guys for your information, some unwanted useless add-ons or plugins are also installed in any way. So you should check your browser’s add-ons, find out unwanted and then disable/remove them right now. Now see the magic, you feel the speed fasted then just some time ago.

Close unused tabs

When you open a tab after loading and completing work on there then you switch another tab without closing because you think the page is not loading still. But this idea is wrong; many web pages (Facebook, News paper, twitter etc) automatically refresh themselves after every few seconds. So always close your unused tabs.

Close one if you are running two firewalls

If you are using any downloaded or purchased firewall with your windows firewall then don’t late to close one firewall that you like. Because it is too much responsible to do slow your web performance.

Scan virus regularly

You should scan and fix viruses regularly in your computer system because directly or indirectly it is also responsible to reduce your web performance.
Here, I have given you some effective and working method of speeding up your internet performance so let’s try these now. If you face any problem then feel free to share your problem by commenting, as soon as possible you will get a response by author.