June 14, 2015

les miserables bangla pdf

les miserables bangla pdf

Book Name : les miserables bangla pdf
Writer :  Victor Hugo
Translator : Sree Manmohon Roy
Translating year: 1914
Total page : 279
Format: PDF
Additional Requirement : any kind of pdf reader with pdf reader supported device .

Presenting a standout amongst the most popular characters in writing, Jean Valjean – the honorable laborer detained for taking a piece of bread. In Les Misérables Victor Hugo takes perusers profound into the Parisian underworld, submerges them in a fight in the middle of good and insidiousness, and conveys them onto the blockades amid the uprising of 1832.

Inside of his sensational story are topics that catch the keenness and the feelings: wrongdoing and discipline, the persistent mistreatment of Valjean by Inspector Javert, the edginess of the whore Fantine, the irreverence of the maverick Thénardier and the widespread yearning to escape the jails of our own personalities. Les Misérables gave Victor Hugo a canvas whereupon he depicted his feedback of the French political and legal frameworks, however the picture which came about is overwhelming, epic in degree – an unrestrained exhibition that amazes the faculties even as it touches the heart



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