June 3, 2016

Mamar Biyer Borjatri – Bangla PDF – Khan Md farabi

Mamar Biyer Borjatri is actually a book from my childhood. It was given to me by my eldest cousin Joyce Arif, and I still can remember some stories from this Bangla book. That time was real fun, spending a major part of a night just with books. Life was much easy back than, you don’t had to work on various websites, write thousand lines of code, even you had enough money you need. Sorry For being emotional, but Mamar Biyer Borjatri deserve this.

mamar biyer borjatri book cover

mamar biyer borjatri book cover

What’s this book ?

This book is a amazing collection of stories written by Khan Muhammad Farabi. Targeting a group of boys, most stories are based on humor. I mean the great childhood life from the mid-aged Dhaka. All those stories were written between 1964 to 1966. Those were published in various newspapers, but Khan Muhammad Farabi sir decided to publish them as a book in 1970.

What I trust about this book is You’ll get the pure taste of non-commercial writing. You’ll laugh, you’ll get emotional and it’s actually a book from a writer who wrote to entertain. Hope I’m just gifting you some good moments.

About The Author:

Khan MD Farabi born in 1952. He was an intelligent student from childhood. The first boy in class from 6. And you gonna get a heart attack if I tell you “all stories in this book was written between his class 6-8 ! He died in 1974.

Get Mamar Biyer Borjatri:

I found this book in pdf archive, and found no copyright claim yet. So I’m sharing the Book as a PDF document.

Filename: Mamar Biyer Borjatri.pdf

File format: PDF

File Size: 4.03 MB

PDF quality: Good, I’m reading it on my 1900px monitor and fonts are clean enough to read.

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