May 5, 2015

Nandito Noroke by Humayun Ahmed bangla pdf book

Nandito Noroke by Humayun Ahmed bangla pdf book

Book Details

Book name :Nondito noroke

Writer name:Humayun ahmed
Book size : 8.1 mb
Total page:85
Required application : any kind of pdf reader

Book Review
this is first novel by Sir Humayun Ahmed.
This was first published as book in 1972 at monthly “mukhobondho”  when he was student of dhaka university.
After published its reknowed all over country . He gave many respons about this book .
And then we got a legend .
This is a story of middle class family life.
where a memeber of this family is abnormal named “Rabeya”
story begins with family strategy . story turned when rabye became pregnant . But she dosen’t able to  say anything about this . And finnaly true came on front and rabeya’s uncle (Her father’s boyhood friend who also live with them ) do this .
After heard this montu (also family member and rabeya’s cousin) killed uncle . police arrest him and give him hanged die .
this is a pure middle class image .