November 29, 2015

#OursToLose Campaign – What We Are Doing in Fajlami

#OursToLose It’s Our Planet and Some of Us killing it by violating the Nature of Law.

Some Moments ago I visited Google and Found a New Link on Home Page, I followed The Link and it took me to a youtube video. The basic theme is informing people about the climate change and the reason behind this.



Yeah, This is not Aliens, or some God from Greek Myths. Its us who is the main reason of climate changing . We are The Killer of our own planet. We all know details about this and I hope anyone of Fajlami Team knows better about this topic then me and he will write down something cool. Today I am here to announce some changes in our website and in us too.

Green Hosting

green webhosting

green webhosting

In 2016 We will Move to a Green Web Hosting. No matter how much it increase our cost to maintenance our website, I just talked to one of our investors in phone and he was happy to listen my speech.

What is Green Hosting ? 

“Green hosting or eco-friendly hosting is Internet hosting which involves green technologies to reduce environmental impact.

A hosting organization or any organization can reduce their environmental impact by:

  • Using low-voltage computer equipment
  • Augmenting active cooling with outside air during mild weather (see Free cooling)
  • Improving airflow through servers which would allow operators to use higher cooling temperatures
  • Upgrading Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRACs) and other HVAC components with more efficient units
  • Isolating cold air from hot air produced by the servers to improve loading of the HVAC equipment (which improves efficiency)
  • The use of energy efficient lighting and occupancy sensors in the building
  • Purchasing Renewable Energy Credits or producing renewable energy directly
  • Contributing to other Green organizations that promote energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy, or sustainable practices.

source – Wikipedia

Right now we are in a virtual Server , and we will move as fast we can. I think we will face some problem in migration, new server setup but for Our Nature’s sake, we will do whatever it takes .

Solar Panels in Office

Solar Panel in office to support #OursToLose

Solar Panel in office to support #OursToLose

Yeah this will be a smart move to support #OursToLose. One of us already living in full solar powered home, and we can do the same in our office. We have to run 8 pc at a time, and need much more electricity for light and air. I don’t have all the technical details but I think this is possible. It will save our cost a bit too and save the nature.

#OursToLose Fajlami Doodles 

Your Know about Fajlami Doodles ? Yeah Like google we don’t have dedicated graphics Designer for logo/doodle. But In Our Homepage, we have a large HD image which changes in every special moment or days. we call it Fajlami Doodles. in December we will support #OursToLose and use nature and creatures as our theme. Want to see some example ? check out bellow




Thats all we can do from our end right now. But I can Share some Ideas.

  1. Design T shirts for Your Brand including some support to #OursToLose
  2. Spare the topic by having a dedicated page in your website