December 18, 2015

The Result Day Ruined My Life!

Ever wondered how hell looks like ? Well let me give you a hint, it looks like a white sheet of paper with your name written on it along with your treacherous grades. Everything that you worked for, every second of brainstorming, late nights of you studying so hard and staring at the books for so long that just by the heat of eyes it catches on fire, all gone in vain as soon as this ominous day comes.


We have been taught by our parents, elders and teachers that always read and study hard because in the end it’s the only thing that matters. Our parents are so dead set on our grades that nothing else really matters. It’s not that they don’t love us, of course they do and according to them it is because of this love that makes them so determined to push us further and further to our madness.

So lovely, just laying back and scrolling through Facebook, tweeting, playing our favourite games and not giving a damn. This is how our parents see us. And surprisingly, it seems that just after reading for hours the moment you leave your books and open your laptop just at that second your caring parents enter.


Ofcourse, its not all times that they give us a hard time, but it is especially near exams when their beast comes out. But I am sure everyone’s parents are just the same. Afterall they are our parents and they do honestly care and so when we fail, they fail and the result? “NO TV, NO LAPTOP, NO MOBILE, NO FRIENDS, NO HANGING OUT, NO FOOD, NO BUTS” and finally a nonstop rain of discouraging insults and a lecture of their own lifetime achievements.

But take a moment and think, who or what was it that made our sweet, pushover, loving parents into this annoying, nagging and irritating beast. It was none other than RESULT DAY. Oh, how I curse this day. Speaking in behalf of everyone who hates this day I say this that “I WISH RESULT DAY NEVER EXISTED”. Result day is a life sucking evil monster that ruins and destroys everything and anything good in our life. But rest assure that the damages aren’t for long and it heals, unless you failed then you are truly damned.


For some, the result day is the happiest moment. It’s the day when all their efforts come to light. But for most, this day is wretched. I know that the only reason our grades are bad is that we didn’t study hard enough and that is probably true, but sometimes it’s just not meant to be. It doesn’t matter how long we study or how many books we read or even how many hours and days we spend reading the same thing over and over again, it just doesn’t matter.

Intelligence does not mean how much IQ we have or how many A’s we have but it is how smartly we arise from our falls. “Failure is the pillar of success” this quotation is really true. It is when you fall hard but bravely rise up is when you truly succeed. But students like us we can’t do it alone. We need help and support. Encouraging words and love from our parents, rather than their anger and disappointment is what we need the most. And just like after every storm ends, when the sun rises again it shines even brighter than before. Like the sun, we too can rise above again. It’s time to punch the result day into its face and show it what we are truly made up of.


  • Nabila Jahan