June 22, 2016

I married the woman I loved, we are Parents Now.

We found him near the Bangladesh bank in Rangpur, Bangladesh. He was tired and was smocking. We talked about his life, and we’re going to share his story today. From my point of view, unlike others, he spent a good life, a romantic life.

We believe each human got a story, and each of them is unique. Like today, a working level guy isn’t capable of (in most cases) writing or sharing his story, so the Fajlami team decided to collect them. This is a part of our effort about Humanism, sharing is caring and others themes.

Abdur Razzak Miya, A rickshaw puller from Bangladesh.

Abdur Razzak Miya, A rickshaw puller from Bangladesh.

His name is Abdur Razzak Miya. He born in 1982 near Pirgacha and spent his whole life inside Rangpur city.

So Razzak Bhai, Tell us about You. 

I am Razzak, pulling rickshaw since I was 17. My Father was a farmer, but I had no interest to be like him. We lived in a village, in a tiny hut. My mom was a house wife, and I had a younger brother who died in 1994. Father died when I was 16 and that moment made me what’s I’m today.

Your Education? 

No, I never joined any school. I attend Madrasha for some times but it was a bit boring for me. I liked fishing, swimming and movies. We had no cinema hall in our area, so sometimes we had to visit the movie theater in Rangpur to enjoy them.


Tell us about your carrier:

I already said, started after my father died. I was never serious about life, but the death was enough for us. We had no food, and way to earn money. Mother was sick, and only I left to do something for my family. You’ll get a shock, if I tell you “we left the village after three days of my father’s death”. We came to this city, but the problem was I had no experience to find a job for me. Then I meet a great man, who arranged a rickshaw for me, and I started my carrier as a rickshaw puller.


Can you share about your earnings right now?

Not much, but enough to feed my family. On an average day, I earn around 300-400 bdt ( 4-5$) and this rickshaw is mine from 2009 so I don’t have to pay the rent.

That’s awesome, even sometimes an educated man earns less than yours.

Don’t tell them, or they’re going to leave their present job to join me.


Tell us about your present family Razzak Bhai:

My family is still small. My mom is alive, and I married a wonderful woman in 2006. Her name is Nipa. She was our neighbor’s daughter. I felt in love at the first site. But trust me, I actually never proposed her. Even before our marriage, we never had a chat. It was a cold night in 2006, I returned home late and heard we have an invitation of her marriage. Mother told me to buy some gift for her. That night I couldn’t sleep, and the next morning I went to her house. I called her father and told him, I wanna marry her daughter, he knew me as a good man, but he was shocked. He went inside, and after a few minutes he came back and told me to go home. My heart was broken, I was sad, but from my point of view, it was my fault, I was late. A few hours later he came to our home, called my mother and they decided something I’m not sure about. We got married that night.


A great father in law I’ll say Brother, unlike chowdhury Shahebs in present time. And you got any children?

Yes, we were gifted by a girl by god. She is 9 years old now, and she’s reading in class 3.


Okay bhai, this is a hard question, what is wrong around us.

Actually Nothing is Wrong.

Nothing is wrong! ?

Nope, really nothing is wrong. It’s always about us. I am good, so the world is good. The God created everything around us, and his creations can’t be wrong. It’s us who decided the difference between wrong and right. I married the woman I loved, we are parents now. We are poor, but we love each other, and the bond between us is still much strong. So I can say, life’s good.

So, what have you learned from life?

Nothing special, life is simple. You just have to be honest, and force yourself to become a good man. Sometimes you’ll face problems, but problems are a part of life!

Any problems you’re facing right now?

I’ll not share my personal problems, I hate complains.


That was our story of Abdur Razzak, a rickshaw puller from Bangladesh. You got a story? Send us through our contact page.