October 23, 2015

Techtunes.com.bd Hacked Again, All files are removed from index

Techtunes.com.bd hacked?

Our Staff reporter just mailed us a few minutes ago about this hacking. We are not sure at this moment, but as we can see when you try to access techtunes, it shows a blank page with a massage “404 not found” .

What is this ?

Is realy Techtunes.com.bd Hacked ?

A 404 mean not found, I mean thats Page is wrong or something was there, but now removed to another place or deleted permanently. As you can check our 404 Not Found . As we can see, the front page of Techtunes shows the same massage, that mean nothing is there right now. Nothing mean Nothing, No Post, No Data, No content.

techtunes.com.bd Hacked

techtunes.com.bd Hacked

Techtunes is a popular website for Bangladeshi Internet Users. By Alexa, this is the 7298 number most visited website in the world, and 27th most visited site in Bangladesh. There were almost 20 million users in that website and this site got a huge number of traffic daily.


A previous incident like this happened three years ago, and Techtunes claimed

Dear Techtunes Community,

Techtunes cloud is transferring to new Tokyo Cloud. You may face some
downtime. Techtunes will be back again after successful transfer. Sorry for
the inconvenience.

After two day’s in a post from their facebook page . Why after Two Days ?




A Bangladeshi Hacker Named T!gar [email protected] Claimed to hack techtunes in that time, and because of a author of Techtunes Published a fake article about him. Right Now We have a screenshot of that moment for you.

Techtunes.com.bd Hacked

Techtunes.com.bd Hacked


Sorry I forgot to write about Techtunes itself. In Their info, >

Techtunes – World’s First, The Largest and Most Popular Bangla Technology Social Network & Blogging Platform

World’s first, the largest and most popular complete unicode based bangla technology social network where people blog about advance computing, mobile, IT news, new gadget, science & technology & more in bangla language.



Today again Techtunes all URL’s are Blank and are moved or Deleted. It Might Be a Hacking ? Who Knows, But Keep in touch and we will keep you connected. Have Anything to tell about this ? Let us know in our Facebook