April 19, 2015

The Most Loved English song’s From Bangladesh Ever.

Creating a list of most loved English song’s ever is not easy as it sounds. You have to learn, you have to listen from a huge number of music lovers, then select only the most loved by them.

I have done something like vote, ask every single music lover (Who cares about music) in my friend list and here is what I got.

I am not providing any download links, you can search and download from Our Music search Engine.

1.It’s My life – Bon Jovi

Really a song from my childhood, I still love it.

2.My Heart will go on – From Titanic.

You remember that? Ah something what made me emotional, even now days too.


3.As Long As you love me – Backstreet Boys

4.One Love – Blue

5.Love The way you lie – Eminem ft Rihana

6.Broken Angel – Arash Ft Helena

7.Barbie Girl – Aqua

8.I Walk Alone – Green Day

9.Show me The Meaning – Backstreet boys

10.In The End – Linkin Park