December 18, 2015

Top 5 Issues That Every Teenager Goes Through

“We are Teenagers, We are the reckless, we are the wild youth.”

How would you define the word “teenagers”? 7 billion definitions and yet, none of them are the same. Funny how people tend to perceive “teenagers” in so many ways, be it good/bad. They will never really know unless the tables turn. And that is exactly what happens, to each and every individual living in this planet.

Experiencing teenage life is bittersweet. Some say, it is the best years of your life whilst others, erm.. maybe not so much.

If you watch a lot of movies, then teenage life is the dream. But when you come back to reality, you just want to go curl up under your blanket and avoid responsibilities. At least, that’s what i do.

Here are the top 5 issues every teenager of the 21st century undergoes.

#1 Addiction to Social Media


Okay, so we all know the pros and cons of social media. Well, the cons are mostly heard by our parents. But, this is the 21st century, letters have lost their grasp and the world is advancing way too fast and you’re barely catching up with it. Although, in my personal opinion, i love the concept of letters and i am not praying for its extinction. But Facebook, Youtube, Tumbler, Viber, Whatsapp and a billion other applications is taking over our lives like a tornado. We ask for wifi wherever we go, it’s not that we are anti-social or anything (maybe some of us are) our lives have been molded in such a way that electronic devices are more of a necessity nowadays. There’s nothing bad about it, it’s just teenagers get blamed too much for using their phones. Or maybe, we use our phones too much. Are we really to blame though?


#2 Avoiding Plans


We are all guilty of this for at least once. This isn’t a confessions game but sometimes, you just have one of those days, where you want to go home and watch Daredevil or Flash or Suits or.. okay I’m gonna stop. And if your friends come up with a plan, you just sneakily avoid it because let’s face it, who wants to go out in this scorching heat?

#3 Procrastinating


Okay, so every teenager has mastered the art of procrastination by now. And if you haven’t, you’re going to go far in life, I promise. Every teenager complains about procrastinating and end up procrastinating 10x more than they previously did. Obviously, it really isn’t our fault because, school and social life can take a real toll on you. Which is why, many of us don’t have a social life. Dealing with peer pressure is something you won’t really understand unless you go through it. After all, there’s always two sides to the coin.


#4 Listening to our Parents Complain


Tip number one – DO NOT roll your eyes/sigh/look the other way because if you do, you automatically have an “attitude problem”. But they’re your parents and they love you with their beating heart, so the next time you’re stuck in a similar situation, just take a deep breath and live through it for whatever reason because they won’t be around forever and maybe, one day when you’ll be in their shoes, you’ll finally understand. But until then, patience is virtue.

#5 Comparison


Raise your hand if you feel you’re never good enough in terms of academic performance, physical appearance etc. We are constantly sorrounding ourselves with thoughts and criticism and it really brings us down, along with our self-esteem. Constantly thinking, people’s perception of you, if you’ve done/said anything that might upset others and so on. In our heads, we are never good enough, always picking on our flaws, and we fail to see ourselves the way we deserve to be. You keep thinking that everybody around you has a perfect life and you’re the odd one out but it’s not. Perfection is non existent. You always have to look at the bigger picture and when you do, maybe you will understand why you feel what you feel.

Hope you found the provided issues relevant to your teenage life, and don’t forget to share your teenage issues over the comment below.


ff   Ameera Fairooz