January 31, 2016

Ghost Stories: Top 8 Most Ghost Affected Places In The World

I really Don’t know anyone who never heard a ghost story, and believed in at least once at entire lifetime in ghosts. People love, hate and argue about them or those, and if you ask me, I’ll simply reply with “ask your heart, you were never afraid of something what wasn’t there? ”

That is the fact, as a human, you are the best creature of this planet. Your brain is the most advanced part of you, and that can feel what you can’t see. You never felt like someone looking at you, turned around and discover nothing was there? Trust me, I know your answer. Only a few peoples on the earth were much unlucky to face any of them( I mean Ghosts) and they really just don’t walk beside you on the road or travel with you. Ghosts are dark creatures and they live in some places where they stuck or died or for any reason. Some places are really famous with it’s dark background and have strong prove and declared highly risky by government. Sometime you hear a story about why that place is haunted and sometimes there’s no actual reason, but they are still out there.

Haunted House with ghosts

Haunted House with ghosts

About an hour ago, when I was thinking of writing a post, I remembered a line “face your fear”. So I decided to write real ghost stories I know, and will collect more from people. It will be a series, We’ll create a separate category for this and share stories from all over the world. I’m not asking you to believe, instead of that, Just search in google about what I’m sharing. Read more, research more, ask more and you’ll find your proper answer.

Most Haunted Places of 2016

Before any ghost stories, I’ll share about some really well known haunted places. I saw some video document about those (You can too, go to our video search engine, search, Download and watch), read articles from professional paranormal activists. collected as much as data I can gather, discussed with authors and here’s the result.

1. Ghosts of the White House !

Ghosts of the White House

Ghosts of the White House

For two hundred years, the White House has stood as a symbol of the Presidency, the United States government, and the American people. Its history, and the history of the nation’s capital, began when President George Washington signed an Act of Congress in December of 1790. The building of the White House began on October 13, 1792. It was finished in November 1800 and President John Adams and his wife, Abigail moved in. By the time Thomas Jefferson moved there, in 1801, most of the exterior structures were complete. The building was named the Presidential Palace.

The White House has long had a reputation for being haunted, and according to legend, by the ghosts of dead former Presidents and First Ladies. The ghosts  have been seen and heard on numerous occasions over the years by high profile people.

Many recent presidents have described feeling the presence of their predecessors. White House chief usher Gary Walters disclosed that “The presidents that I have worked for have all indicated a feeling of the previous occupants of the White House and have all talked about drawing strength from the fact that the previous presidents have lived here”.

The most famous ghost at the White House is that of former President Abraham Lincoln. His ghost was repeatedly sighted at the White House for over 150 years. However, there are at least 10 other ghosts that haunt the home of the US Presidency.

The ghost of Abraham Lincoln is probably the most well-known paranormal phenomenon related to a US president. Assassinated in 1865, Lincoln lives on in the White House, according to a variety of witnesses who claim to have heard and even seen the 16th president at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

2. The Tower of London

Ghosts in The Tower of London

Ghosts in The Tower of London

The Tower of London is the oldest fortress, palace and prison of its type anywhere in Europe. It is no surprise that it is one of the most haunted Castles in Britain. Hundreds of ghost sightings have been reported over the years.

With a long history of executions, murder and torture, ranging from hanging, beheading, to being hung, drawn and quartered, it is the perfect recipe for a haunted history.

There have been literally hundreds of executions on Tower Hill, from claimants to the throne, political activists and petty criminals. Many of the towers once held prison cells, and the White Tower once held torture chambers within its crypt. Tower Green outside the White Tower was reserved for Royal executions, while Tower Hill served as the public execution place for all the other traitors.

The first documented sighting of a ghost at the tower was that of Thomas A. Becket. It was reported that during the construction of an inner curtain wall, he appeared and showed his anger at the construction by reducing the wall to a pile of rubble by striking it with his cross.

Lady Jane Grey, the 9-day queen, ghost is also said to appear on the anniversary of her death on the 12th February 1554. On this day in 1957 at 3 a.m., a guard was disturbed by something striking the top of his guardhouse. When he stepped outside to investigate, he saw a headless white figure on top of the Tower. Only later after talking to some of the other guards did he realize the significance of what he saw and who it was.

One of the most enduring ghosts is that of Queen Anne Boleyn, one of the wives of Henry VIII, who was beheaded on the grounds of adultery and treason in the Tower in 1536. Queen Anne is buried under the chapel’s altar, with her ghost being spotted on many occasions.

She haunts the vicinity of the White Tower, the King’s House, Tower Green, and the chapel of St Peter ad Vincula. Her body has been seen to walk the corridors of the Tower, sometimes carrying her head. She is only recognizable by the dress she wore at her execution.

3. The Site of The Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA

ghosts of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

ghosts of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The battle at Gettysburg was the largest of the Civil war it was fought between 97,000 Union Troops commanded by Major General, George Gordon Meade and 75,000 Confederate troops’ commanded by General, Robert E. Lee. The Battle lasted 3 days by the end of it almost 10,000 soldiers had died and more than 50,000 had been injured. The fallen Union soldiers were buried at Gettysburg cemetery; the Confederate dead were left on the battlefield for weeks, eventually being buried in mass graves.

Farns worth House Inn at Gettysburg has been described as one of the most haunted inns in America. Built in 1810, the Inn is said to be the home of 14 ghosts. It was here that the only civilian casualty of the Battle was to meet her fate, Jennie Wade was accidentally shot by a Confederate soldier, an errant bullet passed through the wall and hit poor Jennie.

Jennie’s ghost has been seen by staff and guests at the Inn, there have been reports of doors opening and closing. One woman has reported her infant being lifted by unseen hands into the air and gently placed back down. Other ghosts at the Inn include Jennie’s sister Sarah Wade her apparition is seen baking bread, and that the bread can actually be smelled relatively strongly in the home. Sarah was also known for wearing perfume that resembled the fragrance of roses, today, this is also still smelled in and around the Inn.

In the Sara Black room, lights turn on and off; faucets have suddenly sprayed out water, shades roll up and down, and window shutters bang from the inside. A man was sleeping when he awoke to feel someone sitting or lying down on the bed beside him. He heard whispered voices, and the sobbing of a crying child.

Over 100 years ago, a small boy named Jeremy was out playing in front of the Inn when a horse and carriage passed by. The driver didn’t see the boy and ran him over, killing him instantly. Staff and guests have seen his ghost, replaying the accident over and over, falling to his death beneath the wheels of the carriage. The ghost of his distraught father has also been spotted in a window of the hotel, watching in mute horror as his son is killed.

One guest staying in the Garret Room entered their bathroom and saw blood running down its walls. During the Battle of Gettysburg a Confederate soldier was shot in the attic, he was left to bleed to death directly above that second floor bathroom.

From the battlefield there have been hundreds of ghost sightings and unexplained occurrences. The Triangular Field, situated one hundred yards southwest of the Devils Den is notorious for paranormal activity. It is common for cameras to either malfunction or cease to work at all. Visitors have reported the sounds of gunshots and drum rolls emanating from the wooded area of the field. Others have reported the apparitions of sharpshooters among the tree line.


4. Houska Castle, Blatce, Czech Republic

Houska Castle, Blatce, Czech Republic

Houska Castle, Blatce, Czech Republic

Houska Castle, known locally as the Gates to Hell in the Czech Republic it is thought to be one of the most haunted locations in the world. Demonic entities are said to be seen in the chapel, along with strange moaning, screams and voices.

It is an early Gothic Castle that was built in 1253-1278 during the reign of Ottokar II of Bohemia. It was turned from a Gothic castle into a Renaissance Chateau in the 16th century.

Legend says that the castle was constructed on top of a bottomless pit, which locals believed to be the Gate to Hell. It was said that there were half animal, half human creatures inhabiting it and black winged creatures coming from it (probably bats). Local legend says Houska Castle was built to keep the evil in, the castles chapel built directly over the gates of hell to keep them closed. When construction of the castle began, local prisoners who had been sentenced to death were invited to the site and offered a reprieve for being lowered down into the cave and then reporting there findings.

The first volunteer was lowered down, and after only a few seconds after disappearing into the darkness his screams were heard above. When unfortunate fellow was pulled to the surface his hair had gone white and he was still screaming. The prisoner was sent to an insane asylum where he died two days later from unknown causes.

During the late 1930’s the Nazis took over the castle and carried out experiments on dimensional portals and other fringe physic’s experiments. In the Inner courtyard the skeletons of 3 German soldiers were unearthed, all 3 had been executed.

Houska Castle has more than it’s fair share of ghosts just outside the front gates people have claimed to see a large headless black horse running around, with blood gushing from its neck. It is said to run towards the front of the castle and jump into the air and vanish.

Guests have also claimed to see a line of people chained together walking towards the castle each person along the chain has a horrific injury. Some people are said to be carrying their heads or other body parts. A giant black dog is said to be attacking and biting the people along the chain. Some of these sightings have lasted several minutes.

A prominent writer stayed at the castle at the end of the 1800′ he reported that he saw black winged creatures flying around the inner courtyard which he believed to be demons. Some dogs behave strangely in the court yard as if spooked.

The chapel in the castle was built over the bottomless well or so the locals claim and it is here that the gateway to hell is said to be located. Investigators who have tried to find a bottom have not been able to find one in the well. The walls of the chapel are covered with some of the oldest paintings in Europe most are of demons and dragons being slain.

Workers in the inner courtyard have heard voice’s coming from the chapel, on investigation no one is there. A Black figure has been seen on the upper floor is thought to be the ghost of an unknown male. It is believed that the Germans carried out there experiments in this room.


5. Glamis Castle, Strathmore, Scotland

ghosts in Glamis Castle, Strathmore, Scotland

ghosts in Glamis Castle, Strathmore, Scotland

Glamis Castle is the ancestral home of the Earls of Strathmore, the Bowes Lyons, It was given to the family as a gift in 1372 by Robert the Bruce. The main keep of the castle dates from the 14th century, and the majestic towers and turrets were added in later years. The Bowes Lyons family is still the present owners of the castle, its members included the Queen Mother, who was born at Glamis and gave birth to Princess Margaret there.

There have been numerous sightings of ghosts at the property over the last century, with up to twenty different spirits residing in the castle and it grounds. Some believe the reason for all the paranormal activity at the castle is down to a “secret room” within the castle that contains a terrible secret. There are several different stories regarding the room and what it contains.

If you stand outside the castle and count the number of windows, and compare them with the number of windows inside the building, you will always be two windows short; supporting the theory of the secret room in Glamis, and what this room contains has been the subject of much debated for over 600 years. Some of the members of staff believe the secret room is on the top story of the castle inside a tower, here they have claimed to have heard strange thuds and bangs coming from within the walls of the building. One theory is that of enemies of the Bowes Lyons were slaughtered in the secret room; others believe that the room had black magic and occult rituals performed in it.

In 1532 Lady Janet Douglas Lady was accused of witchcraft by friends of James V and imprisoned. After several months in a dark dungeon, she was burned alive at the stake outside Edinburgh Castle. Even her young son was condemned to death and imprisoned only to be released after the king had died. Lady Janet Douglas’s ghost is known as “The White Lady” she has haunted Glamis Castle for hundreds of years. The apparition has been seen relatively recently in the chapel by a number of witnesses. She is also said to appear above the Clock Tower.

One of the more infamous ghosts is known as Earl Beardie, or Earl Crawford. Allegedly he was a cruel and wicked man, probably stemming from his rebellion against James II. His spirit is said to wander the castle, and there have been reports of children waking to find the figure leaning over their beds. One guest was staying in the Blue Room, when she was awakened by a hand being brushed against her cheek. She awoke to see a ghostly face of a man with a beard hovering over her. Terrified she closed her eyes and when she opened them again the ghostly face had disappeared.

In the 17th century, it was said that a black slave was stripped naked and hunted by the Earls and their hunting dogs. The slave was repeatedly impaled with lances and the dogs literally ripped him apart while the ladies of the castle looked on in laughter. The murdered slave’s ghost may be the strange figure known as Jack the Runner, who has been seen darting about the castle as he screams in agony.

One guest at the castle was woken in the early hours by a chilly blast of air; she looked around her room and saw the figure of a man in a suit of chain mail armor, silhouetted against the glow of the candle burning in her daughter’s room. The specter seemed to be seeking some way into the child’s room, and on finding the door it went in. Seconds later, the mother heard her child scream with terror. Frantically the mother rushed into the room, the child was alone, crying out something about a giant who had come into the room and leaned over her face.


6. Rolling Hills Asylum, New York, USA

ghosts at Rolling Hills Asylum, New York, USA

ghosts at Rolling Hills Asylum, New York, USA

Located between Buffalo and Rochester, Rolling Hills Asylum sits on a knoll in the hamlet of E. Bethany, New York. Rolling Hills Asylum opened on January 1, 1827 and was originally named the Genesee County Poor Farm, it was created by Genesee County to house those needing help, including paupers, habitual drunkards, the mentally unstable, the blind, lame or otherwise handicapped, orphans, widows, vagrants, and even criminals.

In the 1950s it became the Old County Home & Infirmary, the last residents left here in 1974 and the property was vacant until the 1990s when it was transformed into a set of shops and later an antiques mall. When the property owners, vendors and shoppers began to notice strange occurrences, a paranormal group was called into investigate and Rolling Hills’ haunted reputation began. Reports include disembodied voices, doors mysteriously held shut, and screams in the night, shadow people and more.

In the 90’s Rolling Hills served as a research center into the paranormal, and hosted Ghost Hunts. It was also home to the Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Society. Rolling Hills has been featured in an episode of TV’s Ghost Hunters. The property was purchased by a couple interested in the paranormal in late 2009 and has since reopened for ghost hunts and historical tours. Within weeks of moving in, Lori Carlson Rolling Hills latest owner started to experience doors slamming, witnessed apparitions, and heard footsteps and voices.

Rolling Hills resident investigator, Suzie Yencer relates one chilling experience at Rolling Hills: “It was September 2007, whilst carrying out a public ghost hunt; we had a gentleman with us that was filming a documentary about the building. He wanted to perform an experiment in one of the rooms. The room he chose was in the basement, popularly known as the Christmas Room.

The experiment involved sitting in the room with no lights or equipment on. The only light we would use was a pink glow stick in the middle of a circle of people. We also placed a small ball and a toddler size rocking horse in the circle. The gentleman conducting the experiment requested that only I talk and try to make contact with the spirits. The more I talked, the more strange occurrences began to happen. The glow stick started to move back and forth, and the rocking horse began to slowly rock. A few of the guests in the room including myself saw a hand and arm come out of nowhere and reach for the ball in the circle and then just vanish”.

The Christmas room is suitably named as it is permanently decorated for Christmas including a Christmas tree. In the Christmas room toys are often moved from where they were left as though someone had been playing with them. Visitors and staff have reported seeing the apparitions of children in this room, and orbs often show up in photographs taken here.

Female visitors are told to be careful when entering the smoking room as there have been reports by female guests and visitors of a presence that grabs woman’s breasts.


7. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, USA

ghosts in Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, USA

ghosts in Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, USA

Waverly Hills, opened in 1926. It was considered the most advanced tuberculosis sanatorium in the America, but even then most of the patients succumbed to the disease. In the days before antibiotics were available to treat the disease, it was thought that the best treatment for tuberculosis was plenty of fresh air, plenty of nutritious food and lots of rest. Many patients survived their stay at Waverly Hills but it is estimated that up to 64,000 patients died at the sanatorium, up to 10,000 patients died here in the first three years alone.

In many cases, the treatments for the disease were as bad as the disease itself. Some of the experiments that were conducted in search of a cure seem barbaric by today’s standards but others are now common practice. Patient’s lungs were exposed to ultraviolet light to try and stop the spread of bacteria. This was done in “sun rooms”, using artificial light in place of sunlight, or on the roof or open porches of the hospital. Since fresh air was thought to also be a possible cure, patients were often placed in front of huge windows or on the open porches, no matter what the season or weather. Old photographs show patients lounging in chairs, taking in the fresh air, while literally covered with snow.

Other treatments were less pleasant, pneumothorax, surgically collapsing or deflating a portion of the lung so that it would heal; and thoracoplasty opening up the chest and removing up to 2 to 3 ribs at a time so that the lung would have more room to expand and heal. And there were other dire experimental methods as well. None of these methods were effective. In fact, fewer than five percent of patients survived the pneumothorax method.

While the patients who survived both the disease and the treatments left Waverly Hills through the front door, the majority of patients left through what came to be known as the “body chute”. This enclosed tunnel for the dead led from the hospital to the railroad tracks at the bottom of the hill. Using a motorized rail and cable system, the bodies were lowered in secret to the waiting trains. This was done so that patients would not see how many were leaving the hospital as corpses. Their mental health, the doctors believed, was just as important as their physical health.

By the late 1930s, tuberculosis had begun to decline around the world and by 1943, new medicines had largely eradicated in the United States. In 1961, Waverly Hills was closed down but was re-opened a year later as Woodhaven Geriatrics Sanatorium

There have been many rumours and stories told about patient mistreatment and unusual experiments during the years that the building was used an old age home. Some of them have been proven to be false but others have unfortunately turned out to be true. Electroshock therapy, which was considered to be highly effective in those days, was widely used for a variety of ailments. Budget cuts in the 1960’s and 1970’s led to both horrible conditions and patient mistreatment and in 1982, the state closed the facility for good.


8. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, USA

ghosts of Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, USA

ghosts of Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, USA

Eastern State Penitentiary is one of the most carefully studied paranormal sites in the United States, with dozens of paranormal investigation teams coming to explore the site every year. The ghost sightings and paranormal experiences are so frequent that the former prison has been investigated several times by television shows. “Ghost Hunters” filmed there twice, while “Fear” and “Most Haunted” also investigated.

It was designed to use the Quaker’s concept where prisoners would live in small cells with no human contact other than the occasional visit from a guard. Prisoners at Eastern State had a toilet, table, bunk and Bible in their cells, in which they were locked in for 23 hours a day.

When the prisoners did leave their cells, a black hood would be placed over their head so they could not see any other prisoners as they were guided through the halls of the prison. Interaction and any form of communication between inmates were forbidden. The facility was operated by the Pennsylvania System from 1829 to 1913. This system was designed to force the prisoners sent there to look inside themselves and find God. In reality, the system drove many prisoners insane.
Inmates lived a life in mundane solitude and would only get a glimpse of sunlight, known as “The Eye of God” which came through a slit in the prison ceiling. In desperate need of human interaction, prisoners would tap on pipes or whisper through vents to each other. If caught by guards, the penalty was brutal.
Even before Eastern State Penitentiary closed, stories were being told by inmates and guards of supernatural activity. The first tales of ghost sightings and paranormal activity were reported during the 1940s.
Abandoned in 1971, the souls of former residents still linger the halls of Eastern State Penitentiary. Perhaps it’s because they could never find their way out of the prison in life, or maybe they stay behind because of their traumatic departure from life.
After opening the prison to the public, many visitors to Eastern State Penitentiary have also experienced the feeling of someone watching them. When they turn around, no one is there. Others have seen strange shadows move aside quickly, after experiencing that same feeling. Numerous volunteers and visitors alike have had some very frightening experiences in the former prison.
Employees at the prison claimed to see odd things and hear strange voices when working late at night. Whispers, laughter, weeping and the eerie sound of pacing feet were frequently reported within the walls of the prison.
Once the prison officially shut down, the stories of hauntings and ghosts really began to intensify. Those who ventured inside claimed to hear the sounds of people walking through the halls of the cell bloacks, and footsteps inside the closed cells. Others claimed to hear eerie sounds coming from certain cells, as if the former prisoners were still inside crying and sobbing. There are also reports of strange shadows crossing in front of windows.


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