May 20, 2015

INTERNET – What, How Much Mean To Us Now

‘Internet’ its the most well- discussed topics in this modern arena.

Now I’ m going to share something about . But who I am?
I’ m some of like folks who are interested and being amazed with the real facts what is blowing our mind, totally positively changed our life , our norms of thinking something visually and virtual extent.
You may know the criteria created a basic fruitful phenomena on the decades, simply we know it ‘Internet’ .
A brand new era has started with the development of the modern technology. Gradually reached a new stage, make a difference of ultimate possibilities.
I think its now off topic ,
what it internet

what it internet

What is ‘Internet’ ?

What is the history of “Internet” ?

Because we’ re so interrelated now this time for our own needs. It needs no telling about the introductory of ‘Internet’ .
But I want to add something, a would like to compare it with the ‘ Wizard’, a wizard of our technology based planet…In a general sense we can say that, ‘ Internet’ is the name of a global networking system a platform. Where people can communicate with each other for exchanges of information. Share news, data,opinion and so many relevant purposes .
It provides a strong connection among network to network.
To make it possible various extent of websites consists of much variation of information has made it what is never before. We can say ‘ Internet’ is the Wizard of modern techno surface.
The interesting fact is that , sometimes a question may come in our mind that who is the owner of the internet? please keep your mind that there is no only one, we are .As I was saying , we can compare ‘ Internet’ with the fishnet, to catch the fish we need a net and to gather all kinds of knowledge source, information, news and motivation and grab it carefully and make an insight modern science has made a new extraordinary net , that is The internet.
But the question is where from all the resources come into ‘Internet’?
Yes , you’ re right.
Its not an automation or robotic task,
there are people’s like you and us are always writing, collecting,capturing­ many of stuffs and uploading each of the websites.
Websites are like the store or home where the things can keep and preserve.
A revolution has taken place with the breakthrough of ‘ Internet’ and its make a sense of capability which were sleeping long long ways.We know its the possible world and much of the possibilities happened by this computer and communication based technologies. its a collaboration where interaction among the peoples and their computers without regard of geographical location. But there are Indiscrimination of using the internet. We are not as privileged as the people of well- developed country.

Now I’ m coming again to add something with the previous discussion about ‘Internet’ ‘Internet’ allows us to be capable of plenty of developing sectors
such as Education, Culture and so on. Up to date information through ‘ Internet’ people’s now leading how differentiate between light and darkness than before.
‘Internet’ enhances our capacity to raise our own identity on each level best.
As a storage media the highly effects of ‘Internet’ on –
A new concept of living
Encourage us to think our own way
Changed the traditional concept of job and business arenas
Highly acclaimed who is excellent on the sectors
Make a improvisation of social media
and marketing.
To acquire the updates of science, history,art, archaeology and so on.
To make us more social being
To cope with hyper real world.

Indeed, the concept of globalization has made it happen where country with no border. As if we dare to imagine the limitless life , live the life with all possible ways. So many individuals all over the globe with multidimensional talent always adds their intense effort to internet to make the dream comes true. We are not so far from this reality when all the human would meet up with each other by the enchanting magic of ‘Internet’ and then every little effort once would be the biggest historical , outstanding event of our time!
We are waiting…
A new day has come

Thanks to All.

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